Claudia Parkinson

Upledger Certified CranioSacral Therapist and RMT specializing in gentle non-invasive manual therapies.

I’m Claudia and I’m here to help people recover from accidents and other traumatic events. After being unable to remedy a personal injury with many sessions of chiropractic and massage therapy, I was given a craniosacral session from a friend. The results exceeded those of the chiropractic and massage therapy combined. I wondered why I hadn’t tried it earlier. I had underestimated the power of this gentle therapy.

Being trained in craniosacral therapy and with results that spoke for themselves I decided to dedicate my time to offering this amazing treatment to people who struggle with a multitude of injuries and conditions.

I love practicing CST because it is a very gentle and effective therapy which helps people to come in touch with their body and their deeper inner wisdom.

My Work

How I practice

As I listen to the body, I notice areas that need help. When I work on those areas, the body changes – sometimes in light, subtle ways, and at other times there can be strong or dramatic changes. I am always looking to find the underlying issues and to work on those.


I have worked as an RN for many years and then moved towards exploring different forms of complementary and alternative medicine.
I have been a Registered Massage Therapist with NHPC since 2013 and have continued to deepen and refine my skills in CranioSacral Therapy and later Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and other Soft Tissue Therapies.

Respecting the Bodies Intelligence

During treatments, I listen for where the person needs help, without looking for a particular outcome while holding the concern of my client in my intention. I know the body has its own intelligence and therefore I treat it with respect. Through this, my clients can discover their own inner resources which can continue beyond each session.

Because of my training and experience I easily feel and follow subtle movements in the body. This helps your body’s intelligence to recognize where it is holding tight until you can release and a renewed flow of energy establishes.


In my sessions I allow people to connect with parts of themselves they may have pushed aside, allowing these parts to be seen and made friends with. The process can be empowering, as clients find ways to take positive power back for themselves.
If you are suffering from an acute condition or chronic symptoms, you will find that CranioSacral Therapy is a pleasant and effective way to help your body to relax and heal.

About Body Awareness

Body Awareness is a home based business located on an acreage in the magical and quiet area of Eagle Ridge Estates, 15 minutes North of Stony Plain. The treatment room is nice and cozy and has a warm and soft atmosphere.  The quiet space supports people to relax and find some peace from their stresses and worries.

Disclaimer for people with allergies: This is also a cat friendly home who are not allowed into the treatment room but still manage to get in once in a while.
Parking is in the driveway.