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Why Is Alignment important?

It's how you are at your best!

Well aligned bones, joints and organs are the foundation of the body to function properly. When the body functions properly, everything is easier: Bones and joints have the space to move freely and effortlessly, muscles can relax, and organs can be provided with the energy to function the way they are supposed to. 

During a fall, accident, surgery, or pregnancy, parts of our body get pushed out of alignment and then we can start experiencing pain, stiffness, low energy, mood swings, feeling heavy, difficulty sleeping and thinking, and more. 

For some people, the body can compensate for a while and then after years of compensation,  suddenly something breaks. It can show as unprovoked muscle strain, hernias, sudden pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, joint injuries, TMJ pain, digestive issues and more.

We can bring our bones, joints and organs back into alignment, or at least bring them closer to where they were before the incident, thus enhancing our whole quality of life.

This isn’t done in one treatment and it usually takes a few treatments or exercise classes for improvements to establish. However, even small changes can sometimes make a big difference and bring more joy and ease into our living.

Long term results

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Find out how you can come into alignment while relaxing

Body Awareness craniosacral-therapy 1-min

Craniosacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy (Cranial Sacral Therapy) is a gentle hands-on approach which helps to integrate restrictions and misalignments of the whole body. Part of this delicate work is the fine tuning and balancing of the bones of the skull (cranium) and the sacrum.

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Body Awareness - Hot Bamboo Massage-min

Hot Bamboo Massage Therapy

Polished and heated bamboo tools are used to provide similar effects as a regular massage. Similar to hot stones, a hot bamboo massage can be deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and feels luxurious. This massage is performed with coconut oil and nut free oil can be used upon request.

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Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy helps to decrease swelling in the tissues after an injury or surgery. It is also very suitable to support a detox and flush out toxins through the pathways of the lymph system. Tight muscles can relax and organs function better. Get ready for a good night’s sleep!

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Visceral Manipulation Therapy

Visceral Manipulation is a very direct but also gentle and specific approach to mobilize organs. During an accident the forces of the impact can cause organs to bounce back and forth and shift into an unfavorable position. With the help of Visceral Manipulation your organs will be able to reposition

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